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Twisted: Steel Brothers Saga Book 8Twisted: Steel Brothers Saga Book 8 by Helen Hardt
Series: Steel Brothers Saga #8
Published by Waterhouse Press on December 26th 2017
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Ryan Steel, the youngest of the Steel brothers and the latest to be caught up in the web of deception that surrounds the family. He receives a phone call that changes his life. Not only does it change his life, it makes him question everything he’s known to be true. He no longer trusts his siblings after finding out their part in yet another twist in this tale. His life is spinning out of control and he doesn’t know how to stop it.

Ruby Lee, a woman who survived childhood abuse and took control of her life. She’s a detective on the local police force and she is on a mission to solve the mystery surrounding the death of her cousin. She has never been with a man and because of her past, she makes sure she remains unattractive to the opposite sex. She and Ryan have an undeniable attraction, but, Ryan is having trouble trusting her for her part in helping her siblings keep a secret.

The Good:
I was happy to finally get some answers to many questions left from the last book. It was a hell of a cliffhanger. Also, the chemistry between these two is panty melting and will leave you wanting more.
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The Bad:
This is truly one twisted tale which makes it good.
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The Ugly:
Dealing with childhood abuse can tear you apart and leave your life in shambles. It is a fight for survival.
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Worth the Read?
I liked it well enough, but, I guess I was looking for more revelations. Ryan was annoying in this one and I understand the trauma of it all, however, he was very whiny to me. The players in this twisted game were too evasive when being questioned and that was very frustrating. I’ve listened to all 8 books in this series and this was the first time I was a little disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the most amazing series that I’ve ever listened to; I highly recommend it; however, this particular book was not as good as the others and again, the evasiveness of the players was too much and took away from the story. As much as I love the series, I have to give this book a Solid Solid 3 ½!!

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