Unfinished Business: Riverton Crossing Book 2Unfinished Business: by Savannah Maris
Series: Riverton Crossing #2
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on December 6th 2017
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Evan Riverton was not looking for a commitment. He was content with flings after suffering a broken heart. An ATF agent who helped get rid of the threat against their small town, he never expected to fall for the fiery red head that came to town to visit her best friend.

She was only supposed to warm his bed at night and he was supposed to keep his distance. There was something about her that drew him to her, something different that awakened something that was dormant for too long.

Ginger Monroe was unlucky in love. She enjoyed men here and there, but, she was not up for the whole relationship thing. When she decided to visit her friend Kayla in Riverton Crossing and met her boyfriend’s brother, she did not expect the sparks to fly. She did not expect for him to be panty melting gorgeous and she did not expect to fall into his bed so easily.

The Good:
This story is a great addition to book 1. Picking up where book one left off and showing us exactly what Evan’s intentions are for Ginger.
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The Bad:
Falling in love so fast has consequences. Miscommunications can leave you vulnerable and make situations worse than they really are. Not knowing each other can really take a toll on your relationship..
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The Ugly:
Stalker…I hate stalkers…how dare someone torture a person and make them feel unsafe! Always a pet peeve!
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Worth the Read?
Once again Savannah has taken a love story and created magic! This time, with two people who don’t know each other. Thrown into an impossible situation and feeling there way while dealing with a situation that is out of their control makes for a great read.

How do you make permanent decisions with someone that you don’t know? Love is funny, love is fragile… however, when you have two willing souls, even in the most terrifying situations it can work. Danger is once again lurking.

Can these two, who don’t know each other find the trust that they need to overcome? Can an unexpected event break them apart or bring them closer together? This is truly a wonderful, well written story of love conquers all. Kudos Savannah Maris. Solid 5 Stars!

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