Wolf’s Mate: Wind Dragons MC Book 5Wolf's Mate (Wind Dragons MC, #5) by Chantal Fernando
Series: Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club #5
Published by Gallery Books on August 16, 2016
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Vinnie, the youngest prospect for the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, is about to become a full member. He puts on that cut for the first time and has no idea what that will cost. The Wind Dragons have enemies to deal with and that means you are on the front lines. After all, you are part of a family now and when one fights, they all fight. He is charged with protecting the daughter of a man who did some creative accounting for the Mafia and ends up in prison. They want his books and think his daughter knows exactly where they are.

Shayla is not in the mood for yet another bodyguard. She likes doing things her way or no way. When Vinnie shows up on her doorstep to protect her, sparks fly. She is feeling an attraction to this man like never before.  Her cousin Talon insists that she be guarded at all times and because Vinnie owes him, he enlists him to watch. She did not bank on being drawn to him.

The Good:
This was a cat and mouse game at its best. The friction and tension filled the air and crackled every time they encountered each other.
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The Bad:
She was a little too independent. One thing that drives me crazy is a person who doesn’t listen.
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The Ugly:
There was nothing ugly about this read. It was simply great.
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Worth the Read?
They were so annoyed with each other at first. Lots of tension because neither one wanted this situation.

As time went on, they realized that they were indeed made for each other. She had no clue that she needed someone to take the reins and lead. This spoiled little princess has met her match in Vinnie aka Wolf aka badass who will not tolerate her “I’m in charge” BS.

There was so much sexual tension, that it was borderline frustrating. As usual Chantal has given us a fun, witty read, full of familiar Wind Dragon antics. Solid 4 ½ Stars

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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