Arrow’s Hell: Wind Dragons MC Book 2Arrow's Hell (Wind Dragons MC, #2) by Chantal Fernando
Series: Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club #2
Published by Gallery Books on June 16th 2015
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Life can change for the good or the bad in an instant. Arrow finds out that both can happen at the same time. His life has been spiraling out of control ever since the love of his life was murdered. The reason….he never told her. He used her body for his pleasure and she took what he was willing to give and nothing more. Now, her death tortures him, wrecks him and nothing has been able to bring him out of his downfall. He goes to jail for the revenge killing of Mary’s murderer and still he feels empty.

In walks Anna, the sister of one of his brothers in the Wind Dragons MC. Feelings are making their way to the surface, familiar and yet foreign. Arrow doesn’t believe he deserves to love or be loved. Anna wants to show him that you can live again after tragedy. This love is dangerous and out of reach. Anna is determined to chip away at the wall that Arrow has built around himself. Arrow is determined to keep his distance so he can remain in the torture that he feels he deserves.

The Good
What can I say, it was magnificent! A tortured soul finding love makes for an awesome read.
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The Bad
Nothing really bad. Anna is exactly what Arrow needs. Tough, determined, and doesn’t take shit from anyone!
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The Ugly
It was the opposite…beautiful! The author has done a great job in telling the story of how a tainted love can be good and exactly what is needed to awaken a dead soul.
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Worth the Read?
This series is really taking me on the ride of my life! I am enjoying learning about the ins and outs of motorcycle clubs and their brotherhood. It has all the makings of a best-selling series…comedy, love, lust, drama, and hot bikers. I definitely recommend this 5 Star read and series!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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