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What is Urban Erotica? Urban erotica is a sub genre of Erotic Fiction a.k.a. urban literature a.k.a. black / street / or African American erotica… I’ve ever heard it called Hip-Hop Lit. Although erotic fiction is fairly new to the erotic literature genre, it’s becoming extraordinarily popular thank’s to it’s fast paced page turning story-lines accompanied by contemporary urban settings, and semi-relateable characters. Urban Erotica which focuses on sex, is only one of three sub genres under the urban fiction umbrella. Street Lit, which focuses on violence, drugs, and street life, and Drama Lit, which focuses on human relationships are the other two. You will see all three sub genres listed below and I guarantee you this… they will be some of the most thrilling, edge of your seat, hot and sexy erotic reads you have ever encountered. Enjoy!

My Urban Erotica Reviews

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