Thug-A-LiciousThug-A-Licious by Noire
Genres: Urban Erotica
on August 29, 2006
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Andre Williams aka Thug-A-Licious was brought up on the mean streets of Harlem. He along with his cousins were always in trouble and despite the rough upbringing, Andre has mad basketball and music skills. He manages to get out of the hood and make a name for himself. He dominates the rap scene and he is selected as the Number 1 draft pick in the NBA by the New York Knicks! Life was looking up. The past has a way of sneaking up on you and take away everything you worked so hard for.
Andre has bedded all the super sexy freaks in Harlem and has several baby mamas. No matter how many women he has sexed up, there is only one that has his heart. Carmeisha aka Lil Muddah. She is a successful beauty salon owner and she has stuck by his side…she has been his ride or die queen. His cousin Pimp is a ruthless killer who wreaks havoc all over Harlem. Friend, family, or foe…Pimp doesn’t care, he is out to get his by any means necessary. Pimp makes Andre commit a crime that forces him to put a wall and become someone he never thought he would be. It affects the very people that he loves and helped him get on the right track to a better life. Pimp destroys anything and anyone who gets in his way. He takes joy in other people’s misery…especially if he caused it!

The Good
This story captured the essence of life of the streets and how they will always affect you no matter how far you try to run.
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The Bad
Although I understood what the author was doing with this story, the main character could have had just one way/path off the streets. It’s not palpable that he was in the NBA and Hip Hop Star.
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The Ugly
Nothing ugly presa, I didn’t understand why Carmeisha didn’t tell the tell the truth to their son sooner, but, I get that it added a dramatic effect to the story.
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Worth the Read?
This book took me on a journey that I could never imagine. So many emotions that were brought to the surface made this an on the edge of your seat read. Very raw, open, and expressive. The author took you inside the head of the main character. I listened to this book on Audible and the performance was brilliant. The chemistry was electric between Thug and Muddah. She was so in love, but, she was smart. She did not want to be one of his many baby mamas…she just wanted him. She wanted so much for her life and Thug couldn’t let go of sexing other women. She went to school, got into a relationship with a good man, and opened her own business. Evil managed to resurface in her life and enough was enough. It’s hard to write a review without giving spoilers. I will say this…. if you want raw language, raw sex, a no holds barred gangster story, and a love beyond imagination…then you want Thug-A-Licious! Solid 4 ½ Star Read!!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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