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Jake: Immortals of New Orleans #8Jake (Immortals of New Orleans Book 8) by Kym Grosso
Series: Immortals of New Orleans #8
on May 30, 2017
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Jake Louviere knows he’s an Alpha, but, he’s in denial. When he feels the urge to challenge the Alpha of the Acadian Wolves, he learns quickly that he must embrace what his wolf wants and that is to be Alpha of the Anzober Wolves in San Diego. He loves New Orleans, but, he knows there is trouble in his pack. He can feel it.  Jake has an encounter with a woman at his cabin. He knows she is not wolf or vampire, but, he knows she is something that he can’t identify. He wants to know what she is hiding and why she showed up at his home, naked, afraid, and calling for Ilsbeth.

Kai Beckett has her identity hidden for a good reason. There are evildoers trying to steal her powers. Although rare, they are powerful enough to defeat anyone who gets in her way. She has never shifted, so she has no idea the extent of her powers. She feels the Alpha in Jake and is drawn to him. She calls him her Alpha and she feels the need to be near him and to be consumed by him. She needs his help with finding her sister and time is running out.

Quintus Tullius a vampire on a mission to protect Kai. She however, doesn’t know he is protecting her and has been for a while. Jake is not thrilled about Quintus being in the picture. He doesn’t understand what is going on. Quintus knows more than he is willing to share….at least for now.

The Good:
This was pleasantly different than the other books. It was exciting, adventurous, and delectably taboo.
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The Bad:
This was Kym Grosso at her best, so there was nothing bad about it. If I had to choose something, it would be that Kai got on my last nerves being in denial about her beast. That was a little nerve wrecking for me. Especially since I listened on Audible.
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The Ugly:
The evildoers were truly evil. The things that were done to obtain power were beyond ugly. Heartless beasts with no regard for life.
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Worth the Read?
Jake and Kai are connected in a way that can’t be denied. They are mates and no matter how hard they try, they can’t resist. The erotic scenes were electric and intense. Add a vampire to the mix and it is damn near an explosion. The enemy is out there and they are tracking Kai. Kai is on a mission to find her sister. Jake refuses to help until she is completely honest with him. How can she trust a stranger with her secret? How can she give in to his seduction even though she just met him? How can Jake keep his head on straight with fighting the urge to be Alpha, helping Kai, and dealing with Quintus? What a tangled web of lust, heat, denial, cravings, and taboo desires. Solid 4 ½ Stars!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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