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Legend: An Arizona Vengeance NovelLegend: An Arizona Vengeance Novel by Sawyer Bennett
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Pepper Nantais, smart, humorous, beautiful….a thorn in her neighbor’s side. Never one to disappoint, she annoys him with her outrageous and annoying lawn decorations. The very definition of flamboyant! Amongst all of the chaos is an underlying attraction that will soon come to light.

Legend Bay, Star goalie for the Arizona Vengeance and has a dislike for his neighbor who grates on his nerves. He comes home one night to find an unexpected “package” on his porch. The only thing he can think to do is run next door and get Pepper. She is ready to have their latest tete a tete, but, stops in her tracks when she sees the look on his face. Stunned and shaken, he has no idea that getting Pepper involved is both good and bad.

The Good:
I…Am…Speechless! Several books have brought out different emotions in me, but, Sawyer grabbed my soul and snatched that thing right out. This is going in my bank of Favorites!

The Bad:
The way Charlie was left on the porch is inexcusable.

The Ugly:
The Baby Mama Drama, was ugly. She was so far gone off the ledge and delusional. What she did was horrific.

Worth the Read?
I don’t know where to begin with this, but, I was just in awe of this latest release by Sawyer Bennett. Legend and Pepper are a magnetic force so in sync and unbreakable. You could feel Pepper’s spirit of calm. She was level headed and it helped balance Legend’s crazy emotions. She is comforting, nourishing, and bold. She was a welcomed change to the typical damsel in most stories.

I know this book is about a Legend, but, Pepper is my Hero in this read. Legend was thrust into a roll that he was not ready for. His need to know everything and be there for Charlie was so touching and admirable. Legend and Pepper are pure passion with souls that sought after each other. Mesmerizing and tantalizing in their heat driven love making, that left nothing to the imagination.

This story is unforgiving when it grabs you from the beginning. Holding onto you as if it needs you to read the next words or it will not rest. It left me awestruck, needy, tearful, emotional, and vulnerable. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt why Sawyer Bennett is my favorite Author. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her work even more, she writes Legend and elongates my already stretched to the hilt emotions….

Easily an EBR Must Read! 5 Stars

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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