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AUGUST: A BWWM RomanceAUGUST: A BWWM Romance by Amarie Avant
Series: A BWWM Romance
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August is a professional government agent. He has a job to do and he has money to make. His job is to bring down the bad guys and not get involved…ever. When he saves the life of a young man who happens to be part of his assignment, he didn’t know he would get in so deep that he questions his motivation and he falls in love with the money he’s supposed to take down.

Natalie is doing what she must do to protect her brothers. Although what they’re doing is illegal, she has to make money. When a stranger saves her brother’s life, she is weary of him and has no intentions of trusting him. Her instincts tell her not to trust him, but her body wants to devour him.

The Good:
This story was intense. I loved listening to the Bajan language and accents. This was my first BWWM read and I enjoyed it.

The Bad:
Some of the story didn’t fit and I could see where the Author was going, but some things could’ve been left out and it still would be a good read.

The Ugly:
Someone forcing you to be with them against your will and making you a pawn in their ugly game.

Worth the Read?
When you are assigned to a job, nothing should get in the way of that. August can’t help but be attractive to the beautiful Natalia. The sibling’s life of crime is not done with malice. There is no justification for what they do, however, there is a rhyme to the reason.

They put their trust in August because he appears to be all in. He falls hard and finds himself compromised and caught up in their venture.

Their secrets are plenty but working together may save them both. What will Natalia do when she finds out that the one she gave her body to, is the very one who breaks her heart. This a story full of thrills and suspense. Solid 4 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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