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Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades #1Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades #1 by E.L. James
Published by Vintage Books on April 3rd 2012
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Anastasia Steele is a college student who, as a favor to BFF Kate, interviews Christian Grey, a young billionaire entrepreneur, for the university’s newspaper. He seems reserved, arrogant, and not very forthcoming. Anastasia is naïve and a virgin, however, being around this man has awakened some unknown feelings within her. She wants him. She finds herself fumbling and stuttering in his presence.

Christian Grey is successful. He is ruthless and domineering. He agrees to an interview with Kate Kavanaugh, but, here in his office is Anastasia Steele. He is drawn to her, he wants her… his way. Despite his wealth, Christian has demons that haunt his dreams. His past owns him and relationships are not an option. He has specific needs, desires, and peculiar tastes. He wants Anastasia to be the one who gives him what he wants.

The Good:
This book opened a dialog and had women open up about their sexuality and put them on a path of discovering their own needs and desires. It delved into the world of BDSM and this was new and refreshing.
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The Bad:
Christian’s obsession and possession was at times annoying. Because Ana couldn’t understand his world, there was too much room for miscommunication. It was borderline frustrating.
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The Ugly:
This isn’t directly related to the book, but, people were ugly in their reviews and could not separate life from fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, it received great reviews, but, some were taking this too literal and relating it to real life instead of enjoying the fantasy of it all.
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Worth the Read?
Anastasia wants to understand why Christian can only have a Dom/Sub relationship. She agrees to go along with his desires, but, she wants him to be a more than what he can offer. She discovers some desires of her own and realizes that she craves pain with her pleasure. She wants to give him all of her and be who he needs her to be in his world. She also wants the roses, the cuddles, and the romance of a regular relationship. Christian makes it clear what he can give, but, this woman is making him do things that are foreign to him. He finds himself wanting to woo her, make her smile, touch her without delivering pain. She is waking up a part of him that he put to bed a long time ago. Will they be what the other needs without destroying each other? I absolutely loved this book. It was raw, sexual, fantasy filled, erotica! It makes you question how far would you go to feel pleasure beyond anything you’ve ever felt before. I mean… there is a thin line between pleasure and pain… right? Solid 4 1/2 Stars!

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