Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic TaleCandy Licker by Noire
Genres: Urban Erotica
Published by One World/Ballantine on December 27th 2005
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Candy Raye Montana is a girl on a mission…to be a hip-hop star and rise to the top! Raised by a mother who sold her body just so they could eat made this mission difficult. When Candy became a teenager, her mother used her in her hustle to rob men. One night it all goes wrong and Candy finds herself in trouble. In order to make this problem disappear, she becomes a drug/money runner for the Gabriano family.

She starts earning some money and moves her mother and her sister out to California and gives them a place to live. Her mother has gone through rehab and tries to be on the straight and narrow. Candy gets a call from her friends in New York saying that the famous music producer Junius “Hurricane” Jackson, CEO of the House of Homicide recording studio wants them to audition. Candy sees this as her big shot and makes plans to go back to Harlem. She entrusts her mother to make a short money run for her and flies back to New York. They go on the audition and are a hit! They become the hottest new artists and their record is burning up the charts.

She soon learns and pays the price for not only trusting her mother, but, also trusting Hurricane to take care of her. Her mother is dead, her Sister is damaged, and her own life is spiraling out of control. Hurricane’s sadistic sexual desires are too much and the beatings he give are breaking her down. She finally has a chance to get away, but, at what cost?

The Good:
This was a gripping story. I was immediately caught up in the twists and turns of this story
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The Bad:
The violence against the women was over the top and this book is not for the feeble minded.
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The Ugly:
This is an ugly tale which makes it a great read for anyone who loves Urban Erotica.
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Worth the Read?
This is a book about the lengths that some people will go to make their dreams come true. It is twisted, dirty, violent, and will take you to a place that you could not imagine. If you like it raw, uninhibited, and sadistic, then this is the book for you. Candy risks it all and puts it all out the table. She is a girl on a mission. She loses herself only to find out how strong she really is. The cost of fame can be high, but, the question is what is Candy willing to pay. Solid 4 Star read.

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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