Canvas: The Program Book 1Canvas (The Program Book 1) by N.M. Catalano
Series: The Program #1
on May 10, 2017
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4 inked men.
1 is very, very bad.
He made me an offer.
One I accepted.
His friends made me another.
One I shouldn’t.
I really, really shouldn’t.

This is a story that goes beyond the imagination. I can’t do my normal review because I am awestruck and speechless. This is that read that takes you to another world and forces you to encounter things about yourself that you wanted to remain hidden. The forbidden fruit from an erotic tree that bears such goodness that it’s sinful…in a good way.

One woman…used for pleasure by someone whom by default, she should trust. Promised to someone, not for love, but, for lust. She moves away to a small town to find peace and to start a new life. She is happy in her new life…. running a coffee shop, making new friends, and keeping her past in the past. She has seen them… the men next door. The tatted-up men that are dangerous in a way that is forbidden. The rumors of what they do beyond tattoos is fascinating and carnal… the things that they do… together. There is one who wants her and she knows it. It’s in the way he looks at her, the way that tears down her walls and drives her curiosity to a place that she wants to explore. She allows him to show her exactly how he feels. She is his Canvas… a blank slate that he wants to create a masterpiece on.

He has made an offer and after showing her what he wants to do with her body, how can she refuse? The rumors are true and no one has ever showed such appreciation for her or her body. He sets her on fire and he wants to push her limits. He sees the desire in her eyes and he knows she would enjoy her body being worshipped by him and his boys. Her pleasure is their pleasure. Normally there are no rules, but, she is his Canvas and he sets the rules.

Her past comes back and tries to ruin her newfound happiness. He has a past of his own and secrets that should remain hidden. He vows his protection and he is determined to make her his.

Nadine has once again rendered me speechless! These men would set any woman on fire and she would do things that she never thought she would do. Wickedly brilliant and sexy. Tastefully erotic and sinfully satisfying is how I would describe this latest novel. I was wrecked beyond repair and that’s how I like it!

There is nothing better than reading a book and it takes you from your reality to fantasy in the blink of an eye. Solid 5 Stars!!!

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Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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