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Force of Temptation: Mercury Pack Book #2Force of Temptation (Mercury Pack, #2) by Suzanne Wright
on December 13, 2016
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Harley Vincent, trying to live life in the human world. Half human and half Margay shifter, she loves the freedom that living amongst the humans gives her. She can work where she wants and go wherever she wants to go and when she wants. That’s until she starts receiving threats from the anti-shifter extremists. They target her, they threaten her, and they to kill her. Her life is in danger, but, she refuses to back down on being independent.

Jesse Dalton, Wolf shifter who belongs to the Mercury Pack wants to protect her. But, he also wants something else…her! They had a one night stand and they both developed feelings that went beyond the walls they each have. Jesse offers her protection under his pack, but, Harley doesn’t want to change the life she’s built outside of the shifter world. Jesse does not take no very well and Jesse will get what he wants.

The Good:
As always, this 2nd book in the Mercury Pack Series delivers. This was raw, edgy, and an overall great story.
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The Bad:
I hated the villain in this book! He was cunning, sinister, deadly, ruthless, etc. I was on edge every time he came into play. You just never knew the lengths he would go to get what he wanted.
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The Ugly:
As always, I did not want this to end. Such an exciting story with lots of twists and turns.
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Worth the Read?
What made this story unique is that Jesse lost his true mate as a child and so, it was hard to even imagine being with anyone else. He felt he was resigned to a life of misery and empty sexcapades. That his until Harley came into the picture. They felt a connection and he knew without a doubt that he wanted to claim her and make her his. She resisted, but, the pull was strong and she felt drawn to him. These two have a past and those pasts collide. Jesse will not let anything keep him from claiming her…not even Harley herself! This read did not disappoint. I give it a definite 5 Stars!!!


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