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Marek: A Carolina Cold Fury Novel Book #11Marek: Cold Fury Hockey #11 by Sawyer Bennett
on May 22, 2018
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Gracen Moore decided to keep a secret when her heart was broken. Love was not on her side and it wasn’t enough to keep her man in her life. She kept their daughter a secret and when he finds out she’s getting married, he disrupts her wedding and forces her to move with him so they can straighten this mess out. She doesn’t understand why he came, but, now that he knows about Lilly, she has no choice but to do his bidding and answer his questions. She knows she’s made a mess of things, but, that does not mean that she has to accept his cruelty. She also realizes that she never stopped loving him and being in his presence is making this more difficult than she could’ve ever imagined.

Marek Fabritis is a jerk! When he finds out that Gracen is getting married he goes to stop the wedding. What he finds is a miniature version of himself, only it’s a girl. He chose his hockey career over Gracen and she kept his daughter a secret. He has no clue how to deal with this discovery, all he knows is that he needs them near him to sort this mess out and learn how to be a father.

The Good:
I loved listening to this story. The plot was realistic and the emotions ran deep. Very engaging and well written. The sex was so hot and the dirty talk was scorching!

The Bad:
Marek was such an asshole! He treated Gracen like crap and would not let her forget what she did.
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The Ugly:
Gracen’s blackmailer…and that’s all I’m going to say..
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Worth the Read?
In true Sawyer Bennett style, this story is a must read. You could feel how hurt Marek was, but, you could also understand why Gracen kept this secret from him. He made it clear that his career came first. Will their daughter bring them together?

Maybe. Grace is being threatened and having her in his presence constantly, is stirring up feelings that he thought were gone. How can he forgive her betrayal and look passed why she did it?

Gracen was not a fool and she refused to allow him to make her pay for her mistake over and over again. Will love prevail when the obvious attraction between them can no longer be ignored? A Solid 5 Stars!!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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