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N.M. Catalano

N.M. Catalano is an Amazon best selling multi-published author. She was born in the Bronx, grew up in the foothills of the Catskill mountains and moved to Manhattan as soon as she could after high school. After spending several years there working for a fashion designer she was forced to move to the coast down south, yes, that’s right, and wouldn’t change a thing. She started writing ten years ago and hasn’t stopped as the stories insist on being told. She has two beautiful daughters who are extremely artistic, write beautifully and are musically inclined, thank God, because they keep her up to date on the latest songs.

“I am just a woman, like many of you, who has lived through beauty and ugliness, happiness, (sometimes extreme), and sadness, (sometimes heart wrenching), and have grown to love life and myself even more. I write because I love the characters, I am madly and hopelessly in love with them and want to share them with the world. Life is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed day by day, sometimes you have to pick out the good stuff with a magnifying glass like a needle in a haystack, but enjoyed none the less. The stories that I put on paper, I think, help us to find that enjoyment a little bit more.

I am just a woman who is in love with love…………<3"

New Release: BREATHE by N.M. Catalano

[page_section pattern=’’ textstyle=’dark’ position=’top’] BREATHE by N.M. Catalano Publishing: November 16th – No Pre-Order Romantic Erotica Suspense, Dark Erotica, Contemporary Women’s Fan Group for Giveaways, release info, & other cool stuff: [/page_section] Snake Hell is ruled by a queen. She wears stilettos like a boss, fishnets like a porn star, and carries weapons like […]

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Stranger: Book 1 **Re-edited, Re-released**

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Every day release week NM Catalano is giving away Amazon gift cards, super swag, ebooks, and other very cool stuff on her Facebook page.  For information and to ENTER >> “Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! Marco made me pant, clench, flush, and swoon so many times it was crazy. N.M.

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One Night with A Stranger: Book 1 (Evolution/Stranger)

The Good I don’t care what any woman says, if the right man awakens passion in a woman she will submit. The author did an excellent job in showing if you stroke the lamp right, the genie will emerge! [divider style=’left’] The Bad I have to wait for book 2! [divider style=’left’] The Ugly Nothing

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