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Unwelcomed Greeting: Riverton Crossing Book 1Unwelcomed Greeting by Ms. Savannah Maris
Series: Riverton Crossing #1
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on October 3, 2017
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Makayla Gregory left Riverton Crossing 5 years ago to start a new life. She needed change, adventure, and a new start. When she’s called back due to a family emergency she has no idea that the guy she left behind… the love of her life… would be right there to pick up the pieces of where they left off. Misunderstandings have there way of working themselves out when love is all that matters.

Mitch Riverton a small-town boy with a big heart that was broken when his Kayla left. Trying to navigate through life without her has been a challenge. When she arrives back in town it takes everything in him to keep calm and not show his feelings. That is short lived when danger is present and threatens her very existence.

The Good:
I love a good love story and Savannah brings a good old love story feel to a very present erotic tale of hot sex, danger, and adventure.
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The Bad:
There were no bad parts to this story. It was a solid story with enough suspense to keep you on edge and enough sex to keep you wanting more!
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The Ugly:
One thing I can’t stand is a person who is manipulative and who intentionally tries to hurt someone. Without giving anything away, there’s a character that I absolutely loathed in this read!
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Worth the Read?
Mitch and Kayla were pure magic! Intense, raw attraction that jumped from the page every time they connected. Savannah’s ability to give an old-fashioned love story a modern-day feel is absolutely brilliant writing.

They simply love each other, and it shows! Kayla is in danger and Mitch is doing everything he can to keep her safe. What will it cost them? How can they survive it? Is he willing to go the distance to save the only woman he’s ever loved? This is an EBR Must Read!  Solid 5 Stars!

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