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Mr. Corporate: The Mister Series Book #3Mr. Corporate (Mister, #3) by J.A. Huss
on August 14th 2016
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Weston Conrad is a successful headhunter, self-made, and aggressive. His weakness … a competitor who once had his heart, but, in reality is no good for him. She is a distraction that he doesn’t need. They are competing for the same multi-billion-dollar contract. Both have their own reasons for needing the money and are willing to go to any lengths to get it.

Victoria Arias is a fighter. She gets a call about a job which would get her out of the debt she’s in. Her business is going under and she is desperate. She won’t let anything or anyone stop her …not even her sexy ex. Being around him again brings back feelings that she tries to ignore. Her focus must remain on landing this contract to save her business and bring some peace to her life.

The Good:
I could say that this is my favorite Mister so far, but, I know with two books left in the series, that could change. However, Weston manages to bring romance to a not so romantic situation. You could tell that he was still in love with Victoria.
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The Bad:
Victoria’s resistance to Weston was a little frustrating. I mean, she knows she can trust him yet she wouldn’t listen to him when he was keeping them safe while in their predicament.
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The Ugly:
There was nothing ugly in this story.
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Worth the Read?
This read was a nail biting suspenseful ride. They were forced to work together in order to survive and in the midst of that they realized that they were very much still in love. Of the three Mister novels, this one intrigued me the most because of the situation they were put in.

JA Huss has a way of putting her characters in these life-threatening situations, but, implementing a love story that will leave you wanting more. The contract brought them together, but, can easily tear them apart. This could change their lives, but at what cost? Something is happening when they realize that someone is pulling strings and they are the puppets. Their very lives are in danger and they must work together to stay safe. Their past is complicating things, their feelings are getting in the way of common sense, and their futures depend on each other. The game is dangerous and they are the pawns.

The Misters are being hunted, but, now Victoria’s past is more relevant than Weston realizes. Will he be able to save her? When she tells him the truth of what happened that faithful night, how will he react? Will their love survive the confessions of the past? Suspense, danger, love, hot sex …this read has all of that and then some. I am looking forward to listening to the final two books in the Misters Series. Another Solid 5 Star read!!

Enjoy The Complete Mister Series!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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