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Choosing Us: The Pierced Hearts Duet Book 1Choosing Us: The Pierced Hearts Duet Book 1 by M. Robinson
on March 21, 2019
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Bailey, his perfect match from the beginning. A little girl who captured his heart when he needed it most. Sharing with him and making promises to each other that will last. A warrior princess who stood by his side during his greatest time of need without knowing that she was sealing the deal on her own future. Hearts drawn to each other like a moth to a flame, fate showed it’s true colors when their paths crossed.

Aiden lost his first true love only to discover that his heart had room for another. There was something about her and although they were very young, he knew what he was feeling was real. Devastating pain over losing his Mother left him with a broken heart and in the blink of an eye, he has found the one to put the pieces back together. What he didn’t know is that even with this type of love comes pain. This pain is different, this pain split him in two. How do you put your life back together when the other half of you is missing?

The Good:
M. Robinson teased us with her feelings while writing this book. She did not disappoint. I was an emotional wreck after this read…which is a good thing.

The Bad:
In this case, the Bad was Good. The angst in this read was torturous. Really on the edge of your seat, nail biting angst.

The Ugly:
Losing a parent at such a young age and dealing with things that no child should is always ugly and hurtful.

Worth the Read?
My heart was broken from the beginning. I wasn’t sure that I could get through this story from the first few pages, but, I’m glad I continued. Camila was the breath of fresh air that was needed to bring warmth and love to a family in desperate need. Aiden is a disaster and for some reason, without having met him,

Camila is drawn to him. She also notices that something is amiss in this family. There are secrets, questions, and sadness. She’s determined to find out, but, at what cost? I’ve never been taken on this type of journey with a book. Hurt, anger, shock, confusion, sadness, gullible, hopeful….all emotions that I felt while reading this story.

Is this type of love worth the pain? Aiden is a tortured soul and his pain was so palpable that it flew off the pages into my own soul. When an Author can delve so deep that it penetrates their reader’s very being, you have a masterpiece of pure excellence that is worth every gut wrenching emotion.

I’m on edge waiting for the conclusion. Even with the cliffhanger, this was a story masterfully written…bold, mesmerizing, and entrancing. An EBR Must Read! Solid 5 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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