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by Christopher Donaho

I never thought another Author, let alone, a new Author would steer me away from writing my normal, formatted, reviews. However, Christopher Donaho has done just that. Rarely does a book leave me stunned into silence, broken with tears, and ripped to shreds, but, Thresholds did all of these things and more. John and Julia were the right kind of wrong. Two people so in sync with their uninhibited need for one another. Tortured souls that fed, took, and ravaged each other bodies in a way that is indescribable. Raw need, passion, deliberate lust that knew no bounds. This Author wrote an exquisite tale of seduction that sucked you in, chewed on your nerve endings, and left you a puddle of mess. Electric, magical, raunchy, angry, twisted, lustful….these words are only the tip of the iceberg when I think about this read. Dark undertones cap this off and guts you in the end. I was left stunned, hurt, teary, vulnerable….so many emotions. Every scene had me biting my lip, tingling, wanting, and waiting for the climax. Just the two of them wrapped up in each other…Time apart was their foreplay and each time they got together an explosion of pure fire and hunger erupted. I simply cannot wait to read more from this Author. A very rare 5 Star Read from a new Author! Kudos Christopher!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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