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Sinner: Priest Book 3Sinner: Priest Book 3 by Sierra Simone
on March 15, 2018
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Sean Bell is all sin. He knows on every level that he is nothing but pure filth. He doesn’t fall in love, he doesn’t care, and he loves them and leaves them. He no longer believes in his Catholic faith after tragedy struck his family.

Now, his Mother is fighting the toughest battle of her life and he feels betrayed by his faith. He doesn’t understand her need to be close to her faith and forgive the past. His past waltzes into his life and he doesn’t recognize just how close she is. When he finds out that this woman is the same little girl that he not only babysat, but, she is his best friend’s little sister, he is faced with a tough battle himself.

She comes to him with a proposition that he can’t refuse and he may regret it when he accepts. She is a month away from her final vows to become a nun, but, this little vixen wants to experience things that she never has before that happens.  Zenny is curious and as much as they want to keep their feelings in check, it’s hard to resist the pull that is evident and will destroy them.

The Good:
Sierra Simone has a way of drawing you into every scene no matter what it is. You feel the very essence of her characters and it is truly a magnificent experience.

The Bad:
Sean’s Mother battling Cancer. It broke my heart because my Mother had the same battle. She survived, but, it is a grueling test of faith and steadfastness.

The Ugly:
Gracen’s blackmailer…and that’s all I’m going to say..

Worth the Read?
This story was all that I imagined a Sierra Simone story to be. I didn’t want this to end. The sex was so hot that I got chills every time they made love. It was raw, abandoned, uninhibited, lustful, and so exquisite. There are not enough words to describe how real this story felt. Down to your very soul…every emotion you can imagine, I felt while listening to this read.

Priest owned me, Sinner slayed me. Zenny’s innocence was captivating and at the same time her curiosity made her adventurous and fearless. Sean had to come to terms that love was in the cards for him. He could not identify his emotions, but, he let them lead him. There was a touchy scene that dealt with race…all I can say is it was well written and brought to light the issues that people of color deal with every day. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. A Solid 5 Stars!!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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