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Wicked Fall: The Wicked Horse #1Wicked Fall (Wicked Horse, #1) by Sawyer Bennett
Series: The Wicked Horse #1
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Woolf Jennings is the CEO of his family’s cattle and oil empire, but, he is also a depraved individual who loves sex and loves fulfilling fantasies. He runs the Wicked Horse… a place where sex is in command and no fantasy is taboo. An erotic, sinful sex club with exclusive members who pay a hefty price to remain anonymous and have lots of unbridled, uninhibited sex.

Callie Hayes has come home to Wyoming and is as innocent as they come… or is she? Woolf and Callie have a past that she wants to forget, but, Woolf sees how Callie has grown into a woman and has a kinky side that leaves him in a state of confusion and arousal. He wants her, he wants to take her and make her his.

Callie is no longer the naïve virgin who once offered herself to him…. she is a woman with needs and desires… fantasies that she wants to explore. Woolf can’t get enough of her and she is penetrating his soul.

The Good:
This read takes you on a journey of “what ifs”
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The Bad:
I was sorry to see it end. I could’ve read about Woolf and Callie for days!
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The Ugly:
I must wait for the sequel!
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Worth the Read?
I enjoyed this book so much! This book took my imagination to another level. What an adventure into a forbidden realm. Secrets, lies, scandal…this book has it all. If I had one word for it…discovery…there is so much that people fail to discover about themselves. They end up saying would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. That was not the case with this read. Very riveting, enticing, fantastic! Solid 5 Star read!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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