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Ménage-a-Moi by James CrowMenage a Moi by James Crow
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on September 21, 2018
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Jamie is an average, everyday girl who is not so normal. She has specific fantasies and she loves reading kink. She’s married and for the most part she’s happy, but, she craves the touch of another. No, she doesn’t want to cheat, she wants to be filled in all aspects of that word.

Her husband Scott, works at a scrap yard owned by Charles. Seeing these big, strong men working together is a tease. Every night Jamie resolves to reading hot stories on her kindle, while fantasizing about both men taking her.

Be careful what you wish for..--

When I heard that this was different from previous James Crow works, I didn’t know what to expect. What has been the norm is,

I’m unable to write my formatted reviews. Once again, this Author has stunned me, mesmerized me, and taken me on a journey of endless possibilities.

If I hadn’t known I was reading James Crow, I would’ve thought that this was a tantalizing Anthology written by several brilliant writers.

There’s a reason that James Crow is an Author that I don’t need to read the Synopsis, Blurbs, or Teasers… I can just one-click and know that I need to prepare for the unthinkable, the unimaginative.

The sweet stretching of my imagination is a welcomed change from the typical read. This was an Erotic version of Tales From the Crypt, spinning different, out of this world, scenarios that leave you vulnerable, emotional, and wrecked… a symphony where each composition is its own original piece with an orgasmic coda that will make or break the entire experience.

I didn’t know that I would question, who was touching her? Or that I would cry in understanding at a soul that is lost to personal tragedy who needed a release in more ways than one, or be angry because I thought one thing and in the end, I laughed my ass off and shook my finger at James Crow for his twisted mind fuckery. This was pure fantasy without exact science that brought you to the edge over and over again only to have you fall continuously in dizzying ecstasy.

James Crow is a literary lover that takes you, has his way with you, and throws you away when he finishes using you. No mercy, no beauty, and no sympathy. Prepare yourselves once again for a journey to the Erotic Underworld where James Crow is the Keeper of Souls. Solid 5 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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