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Here Be Sexist VampiresHere Be Sexist Vampires (Deep in Your Veins, #1) by Suzanne Wright
on January 13, 2013
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Sam is a very strong and gifted Vampire. She is steadfast in her abilities and very confident of herself. She’s given the opportunity to compete for a position to be in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. That doesn’t sit well with the other commanders. As a matter of fact, one in particular tries to make it hard for her only to find that she is not easily bent.

Jared, is not happy that a woman is in the running to be part of the Master Vampire’s army. He is not confident in her abilities and when she’s offered to be his co-commander, he is livid. Being in command requires concentration, strength, and the mind of a true killer of the enemy…so, why can’t he keep his mind off Sam and her ability to slay his soul?

The Good:
I haven’t listened to a book that I didn’t like from Suzanne. Although I love her Phoenix and Mercury Pack, she has captured my heart with Vampires.

The Bad:
I did not appreciate the way that Jared treated Sam at first. Why do women have to show their abilities to a man to get them to believe them? It’s ridiculous, but I will say that it was fun the way Sam showed him. LOL.

The Ugly:
Sam’s sire was the ugly part of this story for me. He took advantage of her gift. I’m glad she didn’t let his “control” keep her from her destiny.

Worth the Read?
I simply enjoyed this read. It was fun and quirky with lots of drama. Sam was the ultimate in Girl Power and she didn’t let anyone tell her different. She was bold and unyielding, and she was strong minded instead of bull headed.

Their chemistry was unmatched. She kept her feelings in check more than Jared and that was a breath of fresh air because usually the female is the weak one when it comes to falling in love. She was a bit stubborn which added comedic relief to the story.

The danger that comes knocking has the potential to make them both lose their lives. They quickly learn that they don’t want to be apart. An epic battle ensues, and, in the end, there is a question of survival, but it’s so obvious that one can’t live without the other. A 5 Star EBR Must Read!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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