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One Filthy Man: by James CrowOne Filthy Man by James Crow
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Rhiannon Hall, a woman on a mission to rescue young women from the ugly world of sex trafficking. Her own tragic past set fire to her need to bring these sick fucks to justice and save these women from a life of torture and rape. Her demons haunt her and remind her of what happened in that dark room so long ago.

Her latest case is truly perplexing. Something is amiss when she sees strange things….strange sexual things happening...these women don’t look like fact, it appears to be the opposite…..there’s only one way to find out the truth…

Sebastian Kraken, a man with a dark past full of secrets. He’s offered sanctuary to victims of sex trafficking. That sanctuary includes turning depravity into beauty. Restoring broken souls and giving them the freedom of choice, freedom from mental bondage, and freedom in their sexuality that they never thought was possible. He’s watching and waiting for his ultimate goal to come to him and want the freedom he has to offer...he’s waiting for Rann…

The Good:
This is by far, James Crow’s best work. Just when I thought it was impossible to stretch my mind, he does it again and takes me to the edge of insanity.
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The Bad:
The sick fucks who think it’s ok to snatch women and girls from their lives and damage them beyond repair.
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The Ugly:
In this case the ugly is a beautiful
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Worth the Read?
James Crow has done it again! A twisted, dark, sadistic story that makes you cringe, has parts that gross you out and in the same breath makes you want to cry, gets you hot and bothered, and then makes you smile. So many feelings….up and down to the point that your head is spinning and you no longer have control over your emotions.

This read has done what I love….taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed my alter ego to explore the depth of how even a person who has been sexually abused, can find pleasure in sex and turn their pain into something so delectable that you can taste it, you can feel it, and you even crave the depravity of it. This sounds sick, but, it’s not…it’s empowering! You own it, you take control, and you take back your power that you thought was lost.

This is a story of redemption, recovery, and a rite of passage. Seeing the familiar names made this even more enjoyable. Teetering on the edge of pure, blissful, insanity that once you dive in, there’s no turning back. When a read can invoke so many emotions, you know you’ve just witnessed something magical, intense, and simply brilliant writing. Kudos James Crow! Solid 5 Stars!!

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