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Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel Book 1Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett
Published by Random House LLC on October 14, 2014
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Alex Crossman is a star hockey player for the Carolina Cold Fury, but, he hates the game. Brought up by an abusive and alcoholic father who forced the game on him, he hated the game. He played because it was all he knew and it was good money. The fans hate him, but, he is one of the best players on the team …. he’s just not a team player. His management team is not happy with his attitude and he has two options… change the way he is perceived in public or ride the bench.

Alex is not happy with this and soon finds himself in the company of Sutton Price, a social worker who he must work with to reach out to the community and fix his image. Alex does not do relationships…. at all! However, Sutton sparks feelings and passion that he’s never known.

The Good:
I love their chemistry! Hot doesn’t begin to describe it.
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The Bad:
Alex is stubborn and mean at times, but, he recovers well.
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The Ugly:
I could not find anything ugly about this story. Total bliss!
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Worth the Read?
This alpha man is not trying to bend to anyone’s rules, but, Sutton is not having any of it! It doesn’t take long for Alex to give in to this luscious red head. Sutton is everything he needs and yet he is reluctant to see that this could be good. Can Alex forget his past and learn to love the game he plays? Can Sutton awaken unparalleled passion in this wall of a man? Sutton is finding it hard to resist the pull of this attraction. She wants him and he wants her. Unexplored emotions, past demons, and an undeniable passion that refuses to be ignored. What a great story! Solid 4 Stars!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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