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Wicked Wedding: Left at the Alter #4Wicked Wedding: A Wicked Horse Vegas Novel (Left at the Altar) by Sawyer Bennett
on October 6, 2018
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Andrew Collings, single, rich, and handsome.  After being unlucky in love, he never thought he had a chance at finding the perfect woman for him.  Seeing his best friends fall in love and get married has given him hope. Driving down the highway he encounters a woman and finds that maybe true love does exist.

Brynne Adams, beautiful and newly single. She experiences the ultimate betrayal on her wedding day and surprisingly she isn’t devastated. She accepts the help of a stranger and what was supposed to be two people, keeping each other company has turned into more than what she bargained for.

The Good:
True love written in beautiful Sawyer Bennett fashion. I was excited to finally listen to Andrew’s story, especially after becoming the third wheel in a threesome relationship. I was happy to see him get his HEA.

The Bad:
Brynne’s ex was a total douche! He committed the ultimate betrayal, but he acted as if it was somehow her fault and that she should look past what he did and forgive him.

The Ugly:
The breakup. Enough said.

Worth the Read?
I enjoyed reading about Andrew. My heart broke for him in the last book and I was happy to see him find true love. The chemistry between these two was pure fire.

From the beginning, they both knew they each needed something from the other…. just to forget reality for a little while and escape into themselves. I didn’t like how judgmental she was toward the lifestyle of others, but I understood it because of what transpired and ultimately ruined her relationship.

This is a love story of betrayal and acceptance. The question is can true love conquer all. Is it enough to mend a broken heart and allow you to accept the past of another? A true question of faith and trust. Solid 4 1/2 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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