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Feral Sins: The Phoenix Pack #1Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1) by Suzanne Wright
Series: The Phoenix Pack #1
Published by Suzanne Wright on March 3rd 2012
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Taryn is a latent (unable to shift), but, Alpha Female wolf. Trey is a dominant Alpha wolf that turns feral (wolf takes total control) when battling. Put them together and you have passion that spirals out of control. Feral Sins is book 1 in the Phoenix Pack Series. The story starts out with Taryn needing to distance herself from an arranged mating by her father to a wolf that she finds undesirable. Trey needs to find a mate as well as find other wolf packs to form an alliance to prevent his evil uncle from taking over his pack. Each have a problem and each can offer a solution.
They agree to give each other what they need, but, find out that the passion they are faking is real in its truest form. They are finding it difficult to ignore the pull of attraction that is quickly spiraling out of control. Trey is confused about his feelings and does his best to ignore them. Taryn is having a hard time not giving in to the pull. Her wolf, that has lain dormant for as long as she can remember, is showing signs of life.

The Good
Suzanne Wright is a genius! I love paranormal romance as long as it is written well and I can imagine something like that actually happens. She did not disappoint!
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The Bad
There was nothing bad about this read at all. It was romantic, adventurous, and dangerous…the makings of a great read.
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The Ugly
There were no ugly parts. I hated when the book ended because I wanted more…in a good way.
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Worth the Read?
The question is will they be able to convince his uncle and her father that they are indeed true mates? Will the wolf that her father arranged a mating with leave Taryn alone and find his own path? Will Trey’s pack accept Taryn as their Alpha Female? Will Taryn’s wolf finally surface and run free? Taryn is strong willed and doesn’t like being tamed and she is definitely not feeling Trey’s need to dominate her. They must find a way to work together and form the alliance needed to battle for Trey’s pack. He will be challenged and he will have to fight to the death. Will Taryn’s love weaken or strengthen him?

Breathtakingly, beautiful Wolf Shifter Romance. The storyline was enthralling and Taryn is a female after my own heart. Feisty, fearless, and protective. Trey is animalistic, raw, and loves with an intensity that takes your breath away. This book will not leave you hanging and it will satisfy your craving for paranormal erotica. Suzanne Wright is a brilliant writer and very in touch with her characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good shifter romance. 5 Star Read!

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