Blood Destiny: Blood Curse Book 1Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn
Published by Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC on November 23rd 2013
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Jocelyn Levi, a homeland security agent seeking the truth behind the disappearance and murder of innocent women. She stumbles upon a valley where something’s not quite right. She is not one to give up easily and soon finds herself witnessing something that flips her world upside down. Her world is about to change, and she will soon learn that everything is not what it seems.

There is another world within her world that exists and when the sky changes on that fateful night, the moon and the stars align to form a sign …a sign that embeds on the inside of her wrist while in the presence of a dark stranger. If she thought that was weird, she has no idea that life as she knows it can no longer be.

Nathaniel Silivasi, a large, handsome, powerful, deadly vampire. He and his brothers come from an ancient civilization, cursed with a life of inhumane sacrifice. Fated to a life where they can no longer produce female offspring and they must sacrifice their first-born son as retribution for the sins of their forefathers. They are bound by this curse or they will die a horrible death. He stumbles upon a female and while questioning her presence in Dark Moon Vale, the Celestial Gods reveal his Destiny.

The Good:
Ok, let me first say that Black Dagger Brotherhood is my all time favorite Vampire Series, however, I am caught up in this world of the Blood Curse. I loved every minute of this read.
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The Bad:
Jocelyn was annoying at times. Although her fate was life changing, she was not trying to be rational at all. For her to be a law enforcement agent, her instincts did not kick in at the right time. She couldn’t discern good from bad and she didn’t trust the very man that’s been helping her and building trust.
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The Ugly:
The evil in this story is just that…pure evil. Ugly, tangible, unforgiving evil.
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Worth the Read?
I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was adventurous, dramatic, suspenseful, sexy, and it had a great plot. This grabbed me from the first page. I love paranormal reads and Tessa Dawn did such an amazing job creating this world of fantasy. Rich history of an ancient civilization that was so realistic, that I imagined it being an actual place. Bathed in tradition and not fazed by modern day living, the brothers have managed to exist amongst humans without disturbing their lives.

The sex is HOT!! Their dark brothers are wreaking havoc in Dark Moon Vale and they don’t care about humans knowing of their existence. They have committed a most heinous act and the brothers have to avenge their loved ones. Another darkness makes itself known and Jocelyn must deal with the consequences of making the wrong choice and not trusting her heart. Solid 5 Stars!

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