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Wild Hunger: The Phoenix Pack #7Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack, #7) by Suzanne Wright
Published by Montlake Romance on May 29, 2018
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Frankie Newman is a half Shifter who never knew she was wanted by her Pack until she receives an email from her family, requesting to meet with her. She was told by her human Grandparents that when her parents died, her Father’s side of the family, the Shifter side, didn’t want her.

She witnessed a tragedy in her past and was taken away by her human Grandparents. She had no idea that she blocked out that tragic evening. She is curious, vulnerable, and needing answers. What she finds out will change her life dramatically. The question….is she willing to accept her fate when she learns the truth?

Trick Hardy is truly all Wolf. The Enforcer of the Phoenix Pack knew she was his before he spoke a word to her. The draw was intense and the need to mate was overwhelming. Knowing that Frankie needed time, he kept his Wolf at bay, but, as the days went by, the need intensified. He needed to claim her.

Both souls are dominant...a mate match made in heaven. The challenge, the desire, her scent...drives his Wolf crazy. The gentle approach to her fragile state is ebbing on the edge of an explosion. Can he keep his Wolf under control long enough to show Frankie, that she is indeed his true mate?

The Good:
This is by far my favorite book in this series! When need overtakes rational thinking, it creates an on the edge of your seat storyline that had me hooked from Chapter 1. Listening to Jill Redfield brilliantly narrate this read was the icing on the cake.

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The Bad:
Frankie’s Grandparents were evil and selfish. I can’t say more without giving anything away, but, what they did was unforgivable.
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The Ugly:
The battle to save lives was ugly. Very heartbreaking and suspenseful.
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Worth the Read?
There was no drawn out…I’m not sure about this…claiming! These two were electric. The passion was intense, the sex was panty melting…aggressive…abandoned..full of lust and need. Frankie is a woman who is confident and is very aware of what she wants.

She did not deny the attraction to Trick and that was refreshing. She did not ignore her body’s reaction and her Wolf’s attraction to him. Trick was going crazy every time he smelled her arousal and his Wolf was growing impatient.

In true Suzanne Wright fashion, the storyline was solid, engaging, and it kept you in a state of wanting. There is a clear and present danger, not only when Frankie learns the truth, but, there’s another enemy threatening the Pack and they are definitely ready to protect what belongs to them. Solid 5 Stars!

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