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Lucas: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel #8Lucas: Cold Fury Hockey #8 by Sawyer Bennett
Published by Loveswept on September 19, 2017
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Lucas Fournier is all bad boy and all about the game of hockey. He is dedicated to his craft and he does not do relationships. A good hook up will suffice for him.  He was traded to the Carolina Cold Fury and that entails playing with his brother Max. He wants to play hard, be dedicated, and help his team win the championship…. that is until a certain female catches his eye and he is on the prowl.

Stephanie Frazier is a loner who doesn’t trust very easily. She is a curator at a museum and takes pride in the work she does. One night during a gala at the museum, she decides to throw caution to the wind and flirt a little. Maybe she’ll get lucky and get herself out of her funk. Passion like she’s never known before overtakes her and Lucas is just what she needs to escape the monotony of her life.

The Good:
The Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Team is always a good read. Every member has a unique story and it always grabs me from the beginning.
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The Bad:
Ok, I have to be the bad guy. Stephanie was somewhat annoying. I appreciated her struggle with her past, but, even with trust issues a person can recognize when someone is being sincere. It makes you feel all gooey inside, so I wanted her to come to her conclusions a little faster.
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The Ugly:
I simply hated Stephanie’s mother. Such an uppity bitch with no heart!
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Worth the Read?
Lucas and Stephanie were made for each other and it takes them a minute to find their way. Lucas wants to do the right thing when they find themselves in a situation that forces them to work together. Stephanie is not receptive to Lucas’s help, but, she slowly finds that she can trust him. Her past keeps her from claiming the future she deserves.

The chemistry is electric, the frustration of denial is realistic, and this is just an all around great story. How do you learn to love when you’ve never been loved? How do you put your trust in someone that you just met, but, you’re forced to trust them? This was on the brink of being a tragic love story, but, in Cold Fury fashion, true love prevailed. Stars! Solid 5 Stars!!

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