3 Simple Love Rules for Anyone In A Relationship!

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The way to this woman’s heart is through her Starbucks. 3 (super-cute) love rules for anyone in a relationship, according to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

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This article makes some important points in a relationship. Everything and I do mean everything is about communication. Even couples that have trouble communicating can have a wonderful relationship. Once you have expressed your thoughts, it gives the other person a chance to digest what you’ve said and try to understand what you’re feeling. Have you ever felt angry during an argument? I know that I have. That my friends is the passion you feel for your partner. Some people take it as true anger and say things that they don’t mean, but, what my husband and I realized a long time ago is that if you have no intention of leaving and you know in your heart of hearts that the other person would never intentionally hurt you, you should be able to overcome your anger and be reasonable.

Being thoughtful is another good point. Everyday you both deal with the outside world. You’ve had a long day and you just want some peace. Your partner should be aware of your needs. I’m not saying they have to be perfect, but, during the course of the relationship, they should notice what makes you tick, what makes you relax, etc. So, imagine after a long day, you come home and there’s a hot bath, candles, and wine waiting? For men, what if you came home and dinner is ready, an ice cold beer is readily available, and you just have to sit and relax? You tell each other about your day and then let it go.

This is the person that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, so why not make it the best time of your life. The small things always matter and as long as you reconnect at the end of the day or after a rough patch, you should be able to have a nice blissful relationship that will last you a lifetime. No one is perfect, so keep your expectations at an attainable level. Believe in each other and help one another. It is a partnership, so do your part.

It’s important to know that even with these points, some relationships just won’t work. Some people are just incompatible and they don’t get along. They criticize each other and complain about little things. They refuse to back down and they don’t want to give up their ego. However, it is possible to remain amicable and friendly once you realize that this is not the person for you. That’s where communication comes in once the dust settles and clears up misunderstandings.

This article made some great points and it shows how you can help build a better relationship with your partner.

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