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Keystone: Crossbreed Book 1Keystone (Crossbreed #1) by Dannika Dark
Published by Dannika Dark on January 15, 2017
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Raven Black is a crossbreed. She’s half vampire and half mage. Her kind is rare and she uses her “gifts” to hunt and kill those who use their power to do evil things. She is a vigilante on a mission and she must avoid the law to continue keeping innocent people safe. An opportunity presents itself where she will have a warm bed, food, and an income.  Now she is living in her car and barely eating. This is her chance to do her “job” with a team of other hunters who has the connections and resources she needs to not only continue her mission, but, to also have protection.

Christian Poe is a vampire who doesn’t trust easily. He is not happy about this new huntress invading his space. He is ruthless and he is not willing to train the newcomer on the rules of engagement. He is fascinated with her… that’s part of the problem. He is also attracted to her. He wants to hate her and he does his best to distance himself.

The Good:
This was a good story. It was intriguing and I was totally engaged in some parts. I love paranormal reads and the difference with this is having a female vigilante who beats the shit out of men!
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The Bad:
Her independence made her appear abrasive. She didn’t want to follow the rules and she thought she knew better than the person in charge. That is annoying and a bit overdone.
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The Ugly:
There was nothing ugly about this read. It had lots of twists and turns, which, is a good thing for a paranormal read.
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Worth the Read?
Raven is a wanted woman and not in a good way. The evildoers are trying to take over and they are killing humans. Raven is hunting them and they know it. They want to get rid of her, so they can run this town. They are close on her trail and being part of this new organization is not going to stop them. Danger is very present and it is constant. She has put the team in danger and it may cost her the very thing she needs to continue her quest. This read was interesting. It didn’t grab me in the beginning, which I was disappointed in. It had its great moments, especially the way she overpowered the enemy. Some parts were not as exciting as I’d hoped. Christian was an asshole that was promiscuous and disrespectful to a fault. I really wanted to love this book because I’ve heard great things about this author and I love paranormal reads. This didn’t grab me enough to continue the series. It was enjoyable but not great! Solid 3 Stars. Solid 3 Stars!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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