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Wildest Dreams: Fantasyland Series Book 1Wildest Dreams: Fantasyland,#1 by Kristen Ashley
on August 15, 2011
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Seoafin Wilde lost her parents, but, they instilled in her to embrace life with passion and never fear adventure. She finds out that there is a parallel universe and that everyone has a twin, so naturally she wants to go there. She hires a powerful witch that is able to send her there. When she arrives, she realizes that something is amiss. Her twin tricked her and now she’s forced into an arranged marriage. The man is simply dreadful, but, she has no choice in this. She has to do her duty as the Princess of Lunwyn.

Frey Drakkar was ready to marry Princess Sjofn and at the same time he can’t stand her. The first doubt entered his mind that she wasn’t the same is when he kissed her. Everything about her was different. He finds out that she is a twin from a different world and he doesn’t want to let her go…

The Good:
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I wasn’t sure at first, but, Finnie won me over and Drakkar was every woman’s dream Alpha!

The Bad:
There were some slow parts that were frustrating, but, I kept listening and the story turned around quickly.

The Ugly:
The greed that can sometimes takeover a family and cause them to do questionable things including trying to kill other family members for gain….hideous!

Worth the Read?
Drakkar and Finnie are total opposites and that’s what makes them pure magic. This story was full of adventure, lots of drama, and the chemistry between these two was so hot! Finnie’s personality was fun and light which changed the lives of those that surrounded her.

Even when she found out she was tricked by her twin, she made the most of it and she was determined to not let anyone change who she is.  She quickly learned her place and truly became the people’s Princess. Her love for adventure was contagious.

I highly recommend this read if you desire fantasy with some twist and turns that will leave your heart racing! A Solid 4 Star Read! A Solid 4 Star Read!

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Arthetta Rodgers

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