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The Savior: Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 17The Savior: Black Dagger Brotherhood Book #17 by J.R. Ward
Series: , #17
on April 2, 2019
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Dr. Sarah Watkins is smart, compassionate, and brilliant in her field. The work she does as a scientist is world renowned. When her Fiancé’ dies unexpectedly, she is left alone and confused. The circumstances don’t seem right. Yes, he was a diabetic, but he himself was a doctor and knew how to take care of himself.

When a government agent comes around and starts asking questions, she knows something is amiss. After going through some of his belongings, Sarah comes across a thumb drive that may have clues to what her Fiancé was working on before he died. She needs answers and the only place to get them is at the lab where she worked.

Murhder ... powerful, alpha, vampire. Expelled from the Black Dagger Brotherhood, he’s haunted by visions of a female vampire that he couldn’t save. His plan was to rescue her, but all missions don’t go as planned and he had to make a difficult choice.

After receiving letters from the female, he solicits an audience with Wrath to ask for help to find her. He can’t go on trying to figure out what happened to the female and her unborn young and he is determined to see how she has fared. What he finds breaks his heart and he is determined to find her young and save him from her same fate.

The Good:
I didn’t think this series could get any better, but in true J.R form, Murhder’s story is gut wrenching perfection!

The Bad:
I was pissed at the Brothers for not giving Murhder a chance. They chose to believe that he was truly insane. They treated him like crap.

The Ugly:
Although this was a story of fiction, the practice of testing medicine, cures, diseases, etc. on any species is deplorable.

Worth the Read?
I can’t say enough about this listen! Murhder and Sarah were simply made for each other. They were magnetic and tense. He was the strength she needed to keep pushing and searching for a way to help the young in Murhder’s care and she was the gentle spirit that allowed him to feel something other than hurt, regret, and anguish. He was in awe of her and she was truly fascinated by him.

J.R Ward is a genius and when you read or listen to her words, you become enraptured by the essence of these characters. The Black Dagger Brotherhood have been around for a long time and with each new release, it’s as if you’re having a reunion with old friends. They come to life with every story and they each have a magnificent story to tell. Just when I thought Vishous was my favorite Brother, Murhder cast a spell on me that will not be broken any time soon.

The way this was written shows us why J. R. Ward is a true MVP. I cried, I laughed, I felt sorrow, held my breath in one moment and hitched it in the next. If I could give this book a million stars, I would! An EBR Must Read! Solid 5 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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