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Breaking GraceBreaking Grace by Rose Devereux
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Bram, a self-made man who could have anything and any woman he wants. He had all he ever wanted and then something went wrong that would change his world. He killed someone in self-defense, at least that’s what he says. How did James Winthrop end up dead on his doorstep? A bad decision, a struggle, and then BANG! He kept what really happened a secret. He thought he was protecting her. He knew his lawyers would win this case. Although money can’t bring James back, it would help ease some burdens. However, she could not let go that easily. She wanted to ruin him like he ruined her by taking her fiancé away and she was not going to stop until she got her revenge.

Grace, a beautiful woman who was happy in her life until one fateful night. Her world was tilted on its axis and there was only one person to blame. She wanted him to pay, she wanted revenge. Her life is spiraling out of control and she is fighting to find a new normal after losing James. The kicker…. she is attracted to his killer. She wants him, she thinks about him and every time she’s in his presence she is a bundle of nerves and feelings.

The Good:
This was a welcomed change for me. All Erotica is not the same and this book proves it. It flowed well, the characters were developed, and the plot was delicious.
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The Bad:
The circumstances surrounding what happened shows that lack of communication can cause confusion and misunderstandings. Sometimes you pay a hefty price for keeping the truth from people.
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The Ugly:
Grace’s childhood and her parents sucked! Lies, deceit, and lack of love.
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Worth the Read?
This story was twisted. How do you crave the man that killed your fiancé? How can you be attracted to the very man that turned your life into a living hell? Grace can’t let go of the past and it is very much apart of her present. She finds herself jobless and when her parents step in to help, their plan is to make her live with someone that violated her trust. She makes her escape only to wake up to a living nightmare named Bram. Their attraction is electric, and she can’t help herself.

I loved every single step of discovery in this tale of forbidden lust. Wicked heat prevailed, and I was swept into a story of being teased beyond reason. My mind so enraptured in the foreplay that when they finally came together I was vulnerable and needy. I’ve read plenty of stories where I was caught up, aroused, and awakened, but, this was different … this was torture, sweet delectable anguish, and what a delicious release. This is a must read and it is a Solid 5 Stars!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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