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Mr. Perfect: The Mister Series Book #1Mr. Perfect (Mister, #1) by J.A. Huss
on April 27, 2016
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Ellie Hatcher, a young, energetic perfectionist. She loves her job, but, she is ready to move on and find a deeper purpose. She is a self-proclaimed “friend” to celebrities. She is responsible for catering to them and prepping them for their interview with the shows produced by the media company where she works. The celebrities see her as a friend and advisor. She changes their lives for the better and they appreciate her friendship. But, Ellie has her own dreams. She wants to publish her book and she dreams of having the perfect man, with the white picket fence, and children. She has created this fantasy life on Pinterest and her fantasy husband is Heath, the son of her boss. She has been sending texts to his phone thinking it is no longer active, but, that’s not exactly true….

McAllister (Mac) Stonewall, a billionaire business man who comes in to take over the family business. He is intrigued by Ellie and offers her a promotion to keep her with the company. When she realizes that Mac is receiving and responding to text messages that she thought would go to her fantasy husband, she is embarrassed and immediately wants to go forward with her plans to quit. He wants her and surprisingly she is attracted to him. He is ruthless in his pursuit of her, but, he also feels this fantasy that she’s created doesn’t exist. Will she change his mind?

The Good:
This is classic J.A. Huss. Solid writing, great story, and the ending is sweet bliss.
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The Bad:
I didn’t know if I wanted to love or hate Mac. He was at times abrasive and overbearing. I understood Ellie’s naivete’, but, it was kind of crazy how quickly she allowed him to do such dirty things to her so quickly. I mean she had a Cinderalla quality about her, but, he knocked that wall down with no problem.
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The Ugly:
There was nothing ugly per se, however, there were some holes that could’ve been filled with more depth. It had a mysterious edge, but, it was a little too mysterious without answering some questions.
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Worth the Read?
Overall, I enjoyed this read. J.A. Huss is one of my favorite authors. The Mr. Series is on track to be one of the best. I listened to an excerpt from the second book and I was intrigued immediately. The series consists of 5 novels, so I am interested to see where it takes me. Solid 4 Stars!

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