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For Her SinsFor Her Sins by James Crow
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on October 11, 2017
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Kirsty Adams has had dark fantasies most of her life. She is a girl who dares to dream of taboo, deviant, sexual things. She also has body image issues. She is not happy with her looks and she hides her feelings from her best friends.

She pretends to be happy and feels they wouldn’t understand because in her eyes, their bodies are perfect. She literally makes a deal with the devil and she agrees to let him grant her wish to experience all of her fantasies.

The Good:
This was a journey that I’ve never experienced. I’m always open to new things and this read did not disappoint!
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The Bad:
The bad in this story was oh so good. Sometimes it’s good to be bad and again this did not disappoint!
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The Ugly:
It was ugly because it’s beyond anything you could imagine, and it’s twisted…. very twisted!
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Worth the Read?
Imagine making a wish and one night you are plunged into a world where it comes true. You have no clue whether or not you’re dreaming, but, you are going to indulge anyway.  This is not your typical dark read. This is something that will stretch you, open you, swallow you up, and use you in ways that you never thought could happen.

This is sick and twisted. I did not believe I would enjoy this, but, I could not put it down.

Kirsty is the average woman. She is relatable, approachable, and she sees herself the way the average woman sees herself. She has curves and she is self-conscious. The devil allows her to explore her fantasies without shame, in the most depraved way that I’ve ever seen.

She lets it all go, and she welcomes the challenge. She sees passed the sickness of it all and dives right in. If you dare to indulge in the twisted, dark, delectable mind of a writing genius, then I highly recommend For Her Sins by James Crow! Solid 5 Stars!

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